Which nation wins the most medals for the size of their team ? Olympic Dashboard - Updated

The London 2012 Olympics got underway on Friday with Danny Boyle's spectacular opening ceremony. We have created our own visual feast with our Olympic Dashboard. The dashboard includes medals information and a treemap visualization showing the number of medals with the size of the team which we will keep updated throughout the games. The dashboard is also packed full of statistics on the number of competitors, sports and the countries involved, some interesting facts we picked out:

• The UK have the most athletes competing in the games with 557, USA - 533 and Russia - 448. • 44% of this years 10,899 competitors are women, the highest percentage since the modern games began. • 205 nations are competing in the games this year. Only South Sudan out of the 206 UN recognized nations will not send an official party although one South Sudanese (As well as 3 athletes from Netherlands Antilles) will run as an independent under the Olympic flag. • 94% of Jamaica's athletics contingent will be competing in athletics events

On page 2 we have an incredibly detailed (and daunting looking) visualization showing the general composition of each team. Using the filter at the side of the page users can select the countries they want to look at.

Click the screenshot below to launch the dashboard.