What Is Cloud Washing?

Attempting to ride the cloud computing wave, some established software vendors are merely rebranding existing apps without offering true cloud functionality. This is known as 'cloud washing'.

What do the experts say?

Jeff Kaplan of THINKstrategies, states in an article on cloud washing:

Rising adoption of these ‘on-demand’ service alternatives to traditional, on-premise software and systems is attracting a widening array of established ‘legacy’ vendors who too often are simply rebranding or repackaging their existing products and not fulfilling the real potential of today’s best SaaS and Cloud Computing solutions.

Cloud washing is "an exercise in which the vendors are attempting to convince IT and business decision-makers that they are keeping pace with the latest innovations in the marketplace but are actually falling short".

We have always been proud that Bime will never fall in this category. Born in and built for the Cloud, Bime is the result of 4 years R&D carried out by a team of BI experts and computer science PhDs. We gambled on the Cloud years ago and then spent years incorporating the best and latest technologies into the tool. This has paid off as Bime has become the intuitive and powerful tool it is today :)

Customer feedback and the latest industry innovations

JK also goes on to say "leading SaaS vendors enhance their solutions regularly based on customer feedback and the latest industry innovations" -- something we pride ourselves in doing here at Bime HQ.

We constantly monitor new technology and when it can enhance the application we will always do our best to incorporate it. Likewise, when a customer has a suggestion or improvement, we always listen.

Our lines of communication are very open -- we talk to our customers via the website live chat, the customer support site and via email.

The majority of our clients' suggestions have been implemented in the product -- meaning Bime has all the features you want, not only ones we think you will find useful.

Be cautious

We are not saying that legacy apps can't be successful in the Cloud -- just bear cloud washing in mind when searching for a SaaS solution. Be careful of legacy vendors offering hosted versions of their applications -- often these are simply modern versions of the old app, which aren’t as scalable as true, multitenant SaaS solutions. In some cases it may mean that you’re not necessarily reaping all the benefits of a pure-cloud service.