Webinar: Google BigQuery, gPartner & BIME - Tuesday 20th November 2012 at 10:00 (CET)

Google France, and gPartner BIME are pleased to invite you to the online seminar on the theme:Et si seul le Cloud était la réponse la plus adaptée au BigData ? The challenges of BigData are no longer solely the domain of large companies. Companies of all sizes must today deal with floods of data from multiple modern data sources.How to respond to these new challenges without spending huge sums of money?

New combinations of cloud technology exist which respond quickly to the needs of the business users, even in the context of BigData.

A proof of concept in just a few days, subscription and consumption on demand, all your data online and accessible on-premise in the same place for incredible online collaboration. These new "combos", simple to use but sophisticated capabilities are everything you can expect from modern Business Intelligence.Fast, sexy, mobile, user-centred: the interface with a powerful calculation engine with these solutions, analytics in the cloud is more than promising, it's a reality.

A live demo of cloud BI cutting BigData down to size by:

Christophe Baroux from Google BigQuery Olivier Chanoux from gPartner Rachel Delacour from BIME

Informations:Date: Mardi 20 Novembre 2012 Horaire: 10h00 Lieu: Connexion en ligne