Who will Oracle acquire next?

The business software and hardware system provider Oracle has been regularly acquiring new companies to complement their offerings since 2004 - and 2010 has been no exception. This year, having already acquired Silver Creek, Phase Forward, Convergin, AmberPoint and Sun Microsystems, a blog post by Stephen Jannise from Distribution Software Advice speculates on who its acquisition campaign will target next.

He has narrowed it down to thirteen potential targets for readers to vote on in his poll, one of which is Salesforce.com, the leading SaaS enterprise cloud computing company. Coming under "Pricey Buys in Hot Markets", I think Salesforce.com is probably a little out of Oracle's reach at this point in time.

Opinions are divided judging by the comments the post has received: with names such as IBM, Google and Yahoo floating around, some are confident that Oracle has the power to capture the market's biggest players. EMC is also a popular choice with the expectation that Oracle would take first place in the data storage business on top of NetApp, and despite not making Jannise's list, NetApp also makes an appearance as a potential acquiree.

Personally I think Oracle are sitting comfortably on Sun Microsystems for their servers and storage activity so may choose to invest in another, weaker area as some other readers suggested, in order to provide a more complete technology stack. Having said that, they may equally wish to secure their place in the market by building on an already successful acquisition... We'll just have to wait and see.

What do you think? Post your opinion as a comment, or take a look at Jannise's poll.