Ti An Marketing Testimonial - cloud BI to analyze marketing campaigns

We spoke to Goulven Aubrée, CEO and founder of Ti An Marketing to hear about his cloud BI use case.

1. Ti An Marketing Ti An marketing is a CRM and e-CRM consulting agency, assisting clients in implementing their CRM and digital solutions. Their pragmatic approach allows them to provide solutions for a variety of clients ; from simple problems to the most complex, for companies wishing to optimize their marketing and put in place the mechanics of a marketing operation to communicate to all their clients or prospects.



2. The challenge When putting in place reporting tools for marketing and sales activities, it can be time consuming to create and maintain databases with a backlog of information. It is also challenging to maintain relevant control and measurement of marketing and business operations, which often requires the standardization of the data and this is far from simple. They also needed to be able to share the results and to filter the information available based on various profiles (general management, marketing, sales) which demanded a range of different permissions and formatting.

"BIME allowed us to focus the key question : What are the indicators we want to implement ? And allowed us to forget about the very technical aspects of analyzing these indicators. BIME provides a dichotomous and scalable solution to display the results as actually expected."

"With BIME, viewing all the transactions from the various sites and mixing this information with marketing and sales results has become a breeze. This information can then be sent out to the team, clients and published using a unique URL, making it very simple. BIME allows us to do all this without calling upon an “army of developers” and allow business (as oppose to IT) staff to drive our analytics."


“Simple, powerful, interactive and collaborative ; BIME allowed us to implement in 'record time' (just 1-2 days), a solution for measuring performance”

Goulven Aubrée, CEO

3. Who and how? "Thanks to its intuitive user interface, BIME allows even the least technical users to get up and running quickly. The cloud allows us to access the solution from anywhere with just an internet connection. Previously the marketing or sales department would have to go through the IT department, and therefore it became a lengthy process, today the analysis can be executed directly without intermediaries."

4. Impact "Simple, powerful, interactive and collaborative ; BIME allowed us to implement in ‘record time’, (just 1-2 days) a solution for measuring performance and thus it provides the flexibility necessary to put in place a variety of dashboards. Developing and implementing reporting solutions on top of databases usually requires a lot of time and therefore money. For such a reporting solution we budgeted 10k-40k € but with the development of BIME we can achieve the same thing at a cost 5 to 20 times lower."

A big thank you to Goulven and Ti An Marketing for this testimonial !


Sample Dashboard Here is a sample dashboard incorporating a few key indicators followed by Ti An Marketing and offered to its customers (Dummy Data). The dashboard viewer has the ability to filter and examine different scenarios for the different campaigns.

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