The Analytics of Web Data: Some Things to Think About

The topic of web data is one that constantly crops up in the field of data analysis in every type of business. Why analyze your web data? First of all, analyzing your online clickstream and other web data can bring benefits such as great insight into customer behavior patterns, organization and supplier relations, profitability, competitors, sales and marketing activity and the market in general.  Businesses looking to improve in all these areas cannot afford to overlook web data analysis. We strongly believe that technologies like bime and its approach to web data analysis are necessary today for web analysts and general data analysts to get hold of the information required to make better and informed business decisions. Understanding your customers is not easy: it requires sophisticated analytic capabilities that allow you to analyze large volumes of data.

Secondly, and more specific to web analytics data, it's important to be able to obtain knowledge about your web traffic, visitor behavior, and other website measurements (don't forget: knowledge is power). Your web analytics analysis can help make those small but ever-important changes to your website, social networks, marketing or advertising activities, and other aspects of your operations. The significance of these changes might seem small - but never underestimate the enormous effect they can have combined.


Not only this, but the ability to mix web data with other sources of data - in-house conventional data such as CRM, sales, financial data etc. is imperative.  Analyzing one source might not be enough - integration is often the key to successful insight.

We think the analytics space is constantly changing, and in a Web 2.0 world, organizations need highly sophisticated analytic capabilities which are able to handle both the huge volume and variety of data generated online. We are firm believers that it is important to be able to include web-based data within your analyses, and so we are working hard to bring you the best web data analysis experience possible!

Analyze your web data now.