The Front Behind The Front

There are only two weeks left before the sad anniversary of 9/11 and James Foley, a brave journalist, has been wildly killed a week ago in Iraq. These two events remind us harshly that terrorism is a constant reality. In this month’s newsletter, the BIME team has decided to focus on how the Analytics technology can stand behind the Intelligence Services to support the fight against terrorism. We had the chance to meet an expert in this field, Cynthia Storer. Storer is a veteran intelligence analyst, having worked for more than 20 years in the CIA. Nowadays, she is focusing her time to pass on her knowledge at the university to get the next generation of leaders ready for confronting global threats.

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BIME, BC Government Courts Dashboard wins GTEC award

With the help of BIME, the Province of British Columbia (BC, Canada’s western most province) published their data on the province’s court systems as part of an Open Data initiative. Last month the project was a Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC) Award Honouree in the  GTEC Service Delivery Distinction Awards.

The dashboards visualize the key statistics from all the province's courthouses. With the dashboards available online, the Ministry wanted to increase transparency in government, with the data will be of particular interest to the province's citizens, businesses, media and academics. The full story behind the BC dashboards use case is HERE.