Report Predicts Business Intelligence Trickles Down to SMBs Next Year

The general opinion that BI platforms are only for large organizations will descend next year, as SMBs deploy the technology in their move towards an insight model, according to a recent Channel Insider report. The report predicts that, because business intelligence vendors will see a market potential among SMBs, they will offer their tailored solutions accordingly. This will make the shift to an insight economy easier for these companies, the report claims.

"With big business intelligence vendors … offering more modular solutions, and SaaS vendors offering SMB-specific solutions, 2011 will continue to make it easier for SMBs to sift through their intelligence data," the report states.

Traditionally, business intelligence platform vendors focused their efforts on big companies, but SMBs can also benefit from gaining greater insight into the data they produce.

This year, the overall BI market experienced significant growth, according to IDC. During the first half of 2010, the market increased 13.9 percent over the same period the previous year. Software revenues reached $3.9 billion in that time. Specifically, the end-user query, reporting and analysis segment accounted for $3 billion.

Source: Panorama

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