iPhone 5: What Improvements Do iPhone Owners Want To See? Some iPhone Stats Visualized [DASHBOARD]

With the iPhone 5 announcement expected on October 4 2011 soon,  AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) and research firm PaidViewpoint along with Mashable, developed a survey of 1,000 U.S. iPhone owners aged 18 years and older. We visualized some of the results in a Bime dashboard. Data sourced from: Mashable 2011

Diving into the data It was interesting to see that there are still some iPhone owners that have the very first generation iPhone that came out in 2007 - against almost half of the surveyed who hold 2010's 4th generation handset.

Text messaging proved to be the activity which iPhone owners dedicated the most time to above all other activities (19% of device usage time was attributed to SMS activity) - followed closely by calling (17%), emailing, apps and Internet (all 16%).

The next metric we looked at was daily iPhone usage - how many times the owner uses his or her phone during a given day. If you're a smartphone user yourself, the results are probably relatively unsurprising - more than 80% of owners surveyed said they used their iPhone more than 15 times a day. The numbers peaked with 33% of respondents citing that they use their iPhone between 30 and 49 times a day. If you use your iPhone, say, 40 times a day, that's once every 36 minutes!

Next up was jailbreaking information - what percentage of phones had been jailbroken vs. the percentage of those that hadn't. Just over 1 in 10 owners reported jailbreaking their iPhone - 11.7% of total respondents to be exact.

The data also touched on some of the changes that iPhone owners wanted to see in the upcoming iPhone 5, where longer battery life, no long-term contracts and unlimited data took the top spots. Other interesting, but less coveted ones, included unlimited storage in iCloud, full HD video and 3D display. Near the bottom of the preference list was a feature Apple is renown for, and one which has been the subject of wide speculation: style and design - proving that the 5th generation's predecessors have been so far satisfactory in this area. It perhaps should also perhaps be acknowledged that some of these wishes such as the length of contract are not totally decided by Apple and would be down to the network providers.

Apps are a huge part of the reason for owning an iPhone, and the distribution of free and paid apps was reflected in the data. Paid apps generally seem to dominate where an owner has 10 applications or less, and then free apps take over where the number of installed apps rises above 11.

Lastly, the sample was U.S. based, so the network distribution data was restricted to American carriers. AT&T was the sole carrier of the iPhone in the U.S. until February 2011, and so understandably claims three-quarters of the market share. The stats show that Verizon has a respectable 19.5% share of the iPhone market, whereas other carriers combined make up the last 5%.

Access the dashboard by clicking the image below

iphone stats
iphone stats

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