Increased Cloud Adoption Calls For BI and Web Analytics Skill Sets

Mashable recently wrote an article about how Cloud Computing & Web Services are changing the IT job market.

Their initial message is that the upfront cost of launching a product is decreasing as the cloud gains momentum... Businesses can create more with less. In the long term, this probably means there will be less positions within IT, as the desired skill sets change along with the technology landscape and the increase in cloud adoption.

"Unlike traditional software products, cloud and web services revolve around content, monetization and data. Much of the installation, configuration and maintenance work done by traditional data center employees is becoming automated. This means desired skill sets will move away from hands-on technical work to include managerial talents, user-experience knowledge and more."

The top three emerging skill sets Mashable identified for IT professionals to focus on in order to remain competitive in today's job market were:

Web Analytics

Why Web Analytics? As the web continues to be monetized, driving website traffic and search are becoming increasingly significant. Advertisers want the best ROI possible, which means organizations need people who can analyze clickstream data and trends to find strengths, weaknesses and new opportunities.

Business Intelligence

As companies are gathering more and more information, they need someone to analyze and make business sense of it all. To get a solid overall view of business activity, to have one version of the truth and to communicate this to different people and stakeholders, business intelligence skill sets are more and more desirable as more organizations move towards the cloud.

Data Mining

The online space is vast. People that can combine statistics and artificial intelligence methods to spot patterns in huge data sets are increasingly valuable. Data mining helps businesses gain an informational advantage over competitors, making the field an essential area of expertise.

So how to get these desired skillsets?

These emerging skills are generally complements to a traditional computer science degree. Having said that, it’s essential to get practical experience with real tools. Bime's free trial is an ideal resource for students and other skillset-builders alike. SaaS tools make it easy to get started independently and do interesting things on your own.

A 2010 IBM survey shows 91 percent of 2,000 IT professionals surveyed believe cloud computing will be the primary IT delivery model by 2015, so now is the time to start preparing. Not yet versed in cloud computing tools, BI or Web Analytics? Bime is the perfect starting point - it's easy and intuitive to use, but can solve even the most complex of problems. Grab the chance to expand your skillset by familiarising yourself with such tools, and giving yourself that much needed edge in today's competitive economy.