Google Analytics Announces Weighted Sorting

Google Analytics has announced a new sorting algorithm called weighted sort which weights the sort by the number of data points, getting rid of all those annoying 1 visit = 100% bounce rate visits.  Not only is this useless and frustrating, but it obscures the real data points that you care about behind pages of garbage.

Now when you sort on a computed metric, you can weight that sort by the number of data points, bringing you the most interesting and actionable rows first.

Google give a couple of examples on their blog:

Here, weighted sort will weight the computed value bounce rate by the number of visits.


Here data is sorted by descending value on bounce rate. Notice how all these rows have 1 visit each for a bounce rate of 100%, which is pretty useless. Now by turning on weighted sort, we can take into consideration the number of visits for each row bringing to the forefront the items we actually care about:


Keep in mind that because weighted sort is no longer a strict sort, there will be values that don't strictly follow the order you would assume.

Weighted sort is also available on other popular computed metrics, including goal conversion rate, % new visits etc. Here is a demo to help you learn how to use weighted sorting.

Source: Google Analytics Blog