GIGAOM StructureData : Put Data to Work !

The Structure : Data conference by GigaOM will soon be upon us... 21 & 22 March in New York. We were approached by GigaOM to be a featured speaker at the event, so of course we said YES ! Especially as the topic "Put data to work" is one that is very important to us. We'll be in good company with CTOs of Comscore, Cloudera and VMware also speaking, to name but a few, hoping to bring a fresh perspective on issues such as data analysis, data storage, Big Data etc. Several start-ups have also been invited to share the expertise they bring to business analytics.

We will be presenting at 10am on day 1.

Our topic:

SMART TOOLS: DISSECT, DIGEST AND DELIVER ON BIG DATA No one really needs an army of IT analysts. A new generation of tools is empowering business users of all abilities to derive value from Big Data, one digestible bite at a time. Intuitive interfaces on affordable and powerful cloud services mean that the right tools can be effective for the jobs at hand.

If you have any thoughts or specifics you think we should be purveying in this topic, then we would love to hear them.

Maybe see you in New York ? A bientôt