Gartner Positions Bime in Who's Who [RESEARCH]

On September 30th Gartner released a report on the current landscape of BI vendors. Gartner analysts James Richardson and Neil Chandler were assigned to position the main actors offering Interactive Visualization Solutions for Data Analysis and Creation of Dashboards. Bime is recognized among the main actors in the world.

    The diagram above positions the vendors into 3 categories:
  1. Dashboard Tool Vendors=> vendors of dashboard solutions (rather than pre-packaged)
  2. Business Intelligence Platform Vendors => contains the 'traditional' vendors
  3. Analytic Visualization Tool Vendors=> vendors oriented towards analytical data visualization

Bime is positioned at the crossover of two categories: Analytic Visualization Tool Vendors and Dashboard Tool Vendors. Obviously, we would like Bime to be positioned at the centre of the 3 categories but only Microstrategy and QlikTech are currently positioned here.

An important point to note in this study is that the "pure cloud" actors and the "installed" traditional type of vendors were treated the same way and Bime ranks in two of the categories. The traditional vendors mainly occupy the category "BI Platform".

The introduction to this study specifies how data visualization gives new life to BI tools and how to the delight of analysts, interactive dashboards are replacing static dashboards, allowing for ad hoc analysis for the user. The analysis also focuses on the growing number of small and new vendors offering highly advanced analytical capabilities often built primarily for business users as oppose to more technical IT users.

The report is available for purchase here, in which a summary of Bime and other solutions is provided.