Europages Customer Testimonial: Open Data Initiative with Bime

Europages is a B2B search engine and online directory aimed at European buyers, suppliers, distributors and exporters with the aim of providing customers with targeted contacts. Linking these different parties together, the company has a large amount of important statistical data about its 4million monthly visitors (5 terabytes per year). As part of an Open Data initiative, Patrick Buisson, Marketing Manager of Europages wanted to make this data available to all their users online. Much of it has gradually been made avaialable to users: the visits by country, the keywords used, the searches by industry etc. Europages looked for a cloud based tool to make their customers by business sector data available (in the spirit of online and dynamic accessibility). Europages realized this aim choosing Bime.

The number of views and clicks on listings in each business sector are now displayed on the Europages website in an interactive embedded Bime dashboard. Users can quickly identify the minimum, average and maximum returns for Europage customers in each business sector across different subsription packages. Using the interactive clicker at the side they are able to find their specific industry and can quickly find out the possible ROI they could expect from one package to another. The visualizations show customer data from a rolling 12 month period and can easily be kept up to date to reflect the latest customer trends.

An example of the visualizations created can be viewed on the Europages website