Eclectic Testimonial


“No training needed”

What were your needs when you chose Bime™?

“We were looking for a “easy-to-use” tool, with a user friendly interface for developers and good visualization possibilities to create flexible and “flashy” dashboards. All without expensive start-up costs like hardware installations and high license fees.

How has Bime™ responded to these needs?

Bime has perfectly matched these needs. Without any training at all, the experienced BI developers were able to create dashboards and retrieve data from several sources.

What level of added value has Bime™ brought to your job / your business?

As a vendor of solutions besides consulting and executive search services, we have created several dashboards which we offer our clients. On top of this, we’ve created a number of demo versions which we can show easily at any time and any place to visualize the power of good BI-tooling. Our clients love the flexible way we can create a simple pilot at ‘run-time’ based on their own data.

Eclectic is also developing reports and dashboards for internal use, e.g. weekly finance reporting, CRM-reporting, sales performance reports and a Sustainability Dashboard.

Why did you choose to also become a partner of Bime™?

One of the items of our vision for BI is that the choice of easy-to-use BI-tools is the basis for the success of BI within the organization. Although BI is not just tooling, the choice for the right tooling will empower the business and place them in the “driver’s seat”. This is what BI is all about, while the IT-department is the supporting party. Bime is a tool which has these capabilities, and the potential for the next period is even more exciting!”

Eclectic, The Netherlands