Dreamforce, a must for startups - 6 reasons why

Rachel again attended Dreamforce this year, organized by Salesforce it is now the largest IT event on the calender with 90,000 attendees (up from 45,000 last year). As Salesforce this year was all about sharing we thought we had to share with you our experience of this year's event. Rachel's blog post is available in full on our French blog but here is a summary of our 6 reasons to attend Dreamforce. 1. Dreamforce is inspiring : As the CEO of Toyota (via video) and General Electric (in person) humbly said : Mark Beinhoff and the cloud are revolutionising their companies. Making them competitive and through the innovation brought about by these new technology uses, gives them unprecedented dynamic social and economic advantages. These giants bet on the cloud and we share their vision.

2. Dreamforce is a hub to share best practices : We were obviously interested in the analytical sessions but attended many sessions related to the whole sales and marketing process : gotomarket geographies, managing partners, the organization of sales teams relating to the allocation of leads... At each meeting all the top management from Salesforce were there and enthusiastic with case studies of what has worked and what hasn't worked for them. When the biggest SaaS success story confirms or rejects your choices and strategy you sit up and listen !

3. Dreamforce is social and it is sharing that's the strength of the network Marc Beinhoff is shouting it loud and clear ; business is social !

4. Dreamforce is uninhibited and energetic : The strength of Dreamforce is the confidence and the pride to lead by example. And better than that... No false modesty.... They are right. Marc Benioff is a story-teller, he takes you on the history of success and galvanizes you ... he even "offered" a coaching session for 90k people with success guru Tony Robbins. It is at times a bit confusing but it feels good, everything is possible.

5. Dreamforce is also human after all : Business + philanthropy

6. Dreamforce is a show, it's entertainment and it's cool : The organization of the entertainment reflects the company : very modern, altruistic and festive. MCHammer live at 9am, RadioDreamforce and DJs all day, concert giant RedHotChiliPeppers at the Convention Center, Salesforce proudly differentiates itself.