dreamforce '12 : 7 Cloud Facts You Can't Afford to Ignore... and BIME on stage

Last week at dreamforce in the Yerba Theater, Michael Lock, Google Enterprise VP for the Americas, presented the session "7 Cloud Facts You Can't Afford to Ignore". Each point was clearly illustrated by a Google product.Here they are: 1. Consumer technology is beating business technology 2. The cloud Gives you access to infinite compute power 3. Mobile technology is accelerating and Rapidly Advancing 4. Social technologies are transforming businesses businessman 5. The physical world is recreated Being Virtually 6. "Fake clouds" confuse the marketplace 7. The cloud revolutionizes IT Procurement & Budgeting

During the last 15 minutes, Michael Lock also presented projects, future trends & consumer technologies including Google BigQuery ... and what better way to illustrate BigQuery than doing a live demo of the combo BIME + BigQuery! We were in the audience ... iPad in hand to take this photo (apologies for the resolution).