#DF11 - Dreamforce '11: Day Two...Reborn Social!

While I was writing this post, I had the B52s (screaming) in the background. The DJ was playing one of their songs, they weren't actually here in real life... although this wouldn't have been unrealistic, seeing as during the opening Keynote of M.Benioff there were, amongst others, Neil Young and MC Hammer, who actually testified as being Salesforce users (Salesforce helped them during their tours, for example). When Prince uses Bime to analyze the opportunity cost in banning the publishing of videos on Youtube... that will be the day :)

So, the Keynote: amazing and spectacular, obviously. Some more numbers for you (again, in no particular order):

  • 45,000 people registered for Dreamforce (yesterday I told you 40,000... now I am rectifying that number, MB said it himself)
  • 50,000 people present for the Keynote
  • 35,000 watching online
  • 1 queue, that snaked around the entire block of buildings
  • 1 grand opening, complete with ukeleles and Hawaiian dancing, in order to "calm" and "invite" the Gods...(of business)
  • 1 Salesforce “Born cloud & reborn social”
  • 1 notion: our world is experiencing a post PC revolution
  • Some reminders of the SFDC ecosystem: 300 partners, 475 breakout sessions, 104,000 customers, 12,000 charities that use SFDC for free

Now SFDC wants to be be a catalyst and evangelist of the Cloud and the social enterprise, by constantly adapting to change and obviously by leveraging the Cloud, which allows for fast deployment. The last year has been the social revolution in terms of online apps (business, personal etc.). The data from Facebook speaks for itself: 22% of our time spent online is now "social", with an average of 4 hours a month spent on Facebook. Internet connections via apps are even starting to overtake direct connections to the Internet via a web browser (this is true for me personally, for example). Access to the web is completely transforming, and organizations need to evolve to keep up, by making sure their employees are increasingly connected.

But as Mark Benioff reminded us: It's all about the database and how the tool allows you to track employee and customer information (tweets, blog posts, statuses, .. ) to create a true Social Company. This point is particularly relevant to us!

In brief: Employee Social Network + Customer Social Network = the Social Company Add Bime to this equation and you get a Metrics-Driven Social Company (my anecdote, and obviously not in the Keynote!)

Among the main announcements from the VP of marketing were: maximum social functions in Chatter, (of which the most interesting was the fact you can mix data from different social networks in order to get a better overview of your customers (for public profiles only; only direct access to Dun & Bradstreet will allow you to get full access to entire client profiles)), the fact you are able to choose your data store (Data Residency Option), access to Database.com, the impending arrival of lots of HTML5, a user subscription model which can be scaled by volume (requested by Coca-Cola, and if I understood correctly), and quite simply: social, social, social! This last point was reinforced by testimonials from the CEO of Burberry, the CTOs from Coca-Cola, KLM, Verizon, etc.

Relevant quote of the day: "Facebook made me a better friend, Chatter made me a better employee ." A last word: Every company needs to evolve and become SOCIAL ! A last word (again): the Metallica concert, the set from Will.I.Am, the video game rooms and the unlimited beer...needless to say, it was a great birthday.