Dreamforce '11 in Numbers: Day One

One word: impressive. I have touched down in San Francisco for the Dreamforce '11 event.

Here are some numbers, in no particular order:

  • 40,000 people...who had the same idea as me :)
  • 2 times as many people as last year
  • 3 buildings (the Moscone center) dedicated to the event
  • 1 entire neighborhood of San Francisco, taken over by Dreamforcers
  • 500 meters is the distance from which you can see the Dreamforce signs, telling you that you're heading in the right direction
  • (At least) 5 DJ, mixing throughout the day
  • 100m (at times, a lot more) of queuing to get a coffee or to get into the conference
  • 3 Oracle teams with their branded balloons that were strategically squatted in front of the Moscone center, telling people that they are still the number 1 in CRM
  • 100+ tonnes of food, catering to all tastes and beliefs
  • 80,000+ mobile devices (probably more!)
  • 1 WiFi network, which held up well despite the mass of people using it
  • 100+++ smiles on the faces of Salesforce representatives (I don't know how many of them there are, but they are everywhere) who are dedicated to the organization of the event
  • 100+ events that are born out of DF'11 (for example, I went to MOMA, a DreamSimplicity networking event)
  • 1 John, a Salesforce guy that dances ALL the time, especially to Blondie, in order to show me where my next session is
  • 1 billion possible business deal combinations...

Well, I must admit, that this is where all the action is. Next year it'll be us! However, no Platinum Partner package for us ($300,000). On this side of the Atlantic they are good at this stuff. Thumbs up from me!


The organization is particularly impressive. They have an answer for everything. I think they are overwhelmed by the number of participants though, as the biggest problem is having to wait in line to participate in sessions, even though you've paid your entry.

I'll relay more of my findings/opportunities tomorrow. Well, I'll try, as my schedule fills up pretty quickly, what with all the partnership opportunities I am spotting! ;)

See you soon.

PS. The 31st (today) is my birthday. Theoretically, spending it away from home should be sad, but Metallica are playing tomorrow during the keynote opening :) a geeky thing which kind of makes up for it. Thumbs up once again!