Cloud reporting for Data Base Factory - multinational contact centres outsourcing experts [Testimonial]

The Organization

Data Base Factory are industry leaders in the outsourcing of customer relations channels. They are a subsidiary of Groupe Financière Aurénis. The company had a turnover of 45M€ of 2011 and have around 1600 staff in centres across europe as well as 3 “offshore” centres in Morocco. They have numerous references showing their dynamism including examples of customer service at Yves Rocher and at Coca-cola. They also have partnerships with some of the biggest players in the telecommunication, publishing, insurance and finance sectors. Franck Touanen, CIO, kindly shared his BIME use case with us.



The Challenge

“We are experts in customer relationship management, especially in outsourcing it. There are benefits to not having customer relations in your own company and customers are keen to reap these benefits. Our clients are eager to watch the numbers !”

Despite the fact that many of the key indicators are the same (for example, the average length of conversations), subtle differences in each of the formulas lead to a complete verticalization of the solutions. Either by the technologies used, environmental decisions, or simple requests like exporting the data to a dashboard in Excel.

Therefore Data Base Factory’s vertical solutions are complex to maintain, and in mid 2011 they launched a project industrialising and rationalising their reporting environment at large. “We needed to make a decision about the technical systems in place, and as we moved to Google Apps in June 2011, we are fully aware of all the benefits of a “cloud” solution.”

Clients, prospects and users also expressed a need for “realtime” reporting which was more orientated to their own particular field. However, producing detailed customized reports for each use case was time consuming, problematic and difficult to maintain.

Therefore the challenge was to find a solution which allows Data Base Factory to create reports and sophisticated dashboards, whilst giving clients the ability to consult them online – all without development or web architecture on their side. Working with our partner, gPartner, who specialize in solutions for Google Enterprise applications, BIME responded perfectly to these challenges.


“BIME has accessible pricing making it easy to start a project. We put in place an infrastructure which is “out of the box” and good value for money.”

Franck Touanen, CIO

How has BIME Responded to your needs?

“Our clients’ main concern lies with the quality of service and the commercial performance of the Data Base Factory teams. For example, for customer service the percentage of calls answered in less than 20 seconds is an indicator we often use, and there are many others. Now BIME dashboards are available to our users and clients, we can now stop the resource and time consuming task of manual reporting.”

“BIME has accessible pricing making it easy to start a project. We put in place an infrastructure which is “out of the box” and good value for money. The BIME system has good availability, a good capacity to store (data) and fantastic support . The pricing structure is scalable and grows and evolves depending on our needs and the project implementation for clients. It is very quick to create a dashboard which is then fun, interactive and vibrant for the end viewer. There is no need for IT so technical resources are concentrated on the job in hand.”


BIME has saved Data Base Factory money on the license cost, which is extremely affordable. There is a greater efficiency within the company, executing more analysis and reporting while at the same time giving end-users more possibilities. “More people within the business can get to grips with the figures and track their own Key Performance Indicators!”

Many thanks to Franck and Data Base Factory for this testimonial, find out more about Data Base Factory at Discover BIME here and are partners are also on hand to help.