Customer Testimonial : Owl IMS transform data into opportunities with BIME

Owl Information Management Services is a Canadian IT consultancy focused on helping organizations turn data into opportunities. They utilize SaaS solutions to enable customers to "pay as you go" for powerful, easy-to-use analytic capabilities. Al Martin, consulting lead at Owl IMS shared his vision for BIME. What were your needs when you chose BIME? We were seeking a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that allows us to get our customers the shortest time-to-value proposition. The solution also had to be able to pull together diverse data sources quickly.

How has BIME responded to these needs? BIME is a wonderful springboard for our customers to easily transition from spreadsheets to insightful, visually impressive analytics. Integration of multiple data sources is painless and scalable both from a capability and cost point of view. Our customers can easily start small and grow big, and have amazing capabilites as they grow.

What level of added value has BIME brought to your job / your business? As a solution provider, we can very quickly get our customers operational and making fact-based decisions quicker. We can easily pull together a functional trial based on real data and quickly prove the value equation, often within days!

Why did you choose to also become a partner of BIME? All of our needs were met and Bime demonstrated continual improvement of the product. It was also very important to us that the solution continue to be competitive, and incrementally evolve in a way that brings capabilities to our customers easily.