Customer Testimonial : How Mediastay optimize the data generated in online gaming

Mediastay, experts in the creation and monetization of online gaming audiences, chose BIME for its decision making analytics (Business Intelligence) and internal (+ soon to be external) reporting. The Mediastay case study is of particular interest because like a lot of the major new online gaming companies, the company is faced with problems of Big Data (analysis of very large logs of players), has cloud oriented needs (data composition linked to its internet business and a need to connect to new data sources) and is experiencing rapid growth both numerically and geographically (9 sites in different languages).

Alexis Deudon, Data Mining Manager, in charge of the project, explained their BI project and analytical needs.

The Company

Mediastay is a French company of around 90 people, covering 14 countries with bases in Levallois and Lyon in France, but also in Brussels, Sao Paulo and San Francisco. Mediastay was founded in 2000 by three entrepreneurs: Eric Bennephtali, Jerome Balmes and Jonathan Zisermann.

Mediastay offer 3 types of online games ; independent games, a games editor available through the Mediastay web portal and Mediastay licensed games. Popular formats include lottery games (,, and instant win ( Game passports are developed both internally and externally under Mediastay branding or are published by outside licensors such as M6, Endemol and TF1.


The Analytical Needs

One of Mediastay’s key analytical needs was to fully analyze the data fed back from player games use. Previous decisional tools used were not systematized; a variety of internal tools were used extracting data from a database or in some areas analysis was just nonexistent. Mediastay used SAS for analytical scoring, regression analysis and advanced statistical analysis but this was only for use by “IT experts”, it was less visual, less modern and less interactive than was required.


“The strength of BIME is, via the online interactive front end, online reports are available anywhere, anytime. The interface is attractive & user friendly and the support is particularly reactive… no need to wait two weeks” - Alexis Deudon, Data Mining Manager, Mediastay

Mediastay therefore sought a reporting solution with which they could quickly and easily make queries, identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and then send the findings to upper management and throughout the company. The aim was to find a modern solution that could replace the system of disparate internal tools currently in place, to centralize information and provide new insights into the data.

The Implementation

BIME immediately impressed as a “simple tool for ad hoc reporting and analysis”. Its use? Counting and joining the various disparate data sources, both on-line and on-premise. Today BIME provides collaborative reading of data, e.g. unified data from Oracle, Excel, Google Analytics and Facebook (ongoing). “The strength of BIME is, via the online interactive front end, online reports are available anywhere, anytime. The interface is attractive & user friendly and the support is particularly reactive... no need to wait two weeks” said Alexis.


For Mediastay, BIME is “cheap and completely meets our changing needs.. With the previous traditional on-premise statistical solution, the business team weren’t able to do the reporting and ad-hoc analysis, however with BIME they knew immediately where to go and how to navigate the solution... we had very few questions and it was an extremely quick start. BIME is very intuitive and could be installed immediately, while a simple upgrade for the previous system took a month. The tool is now complementary to a culture of 360° performance indicators and advanced statistical analysis... to achieve one purpose : making better decisions”.

The Results

The indicators or KPIs distributed internally include: the evolution of the number of unique players quantified by the amount of microtransactions, tracking advertising ROI and web-traffic statistics (generally correlated with turnover) amongst other KPIs. A single dashboard can be created and distributed to several teams through the application of filters and then read concurrently and interactively by each team with information dedicated to each team’s work. All without the original creator having to maintain several different dashboards... and all this online.

In terms of frequency of use, each person in the team uses BIME about 4 hours a day. Alexis estimates his ROI as 2 days saved / person / month.

The other solutions audited when choosing BIME included Qlikview.

**Many thanks to Alexis Deudon and Mediastay for this testimonial**

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