Cloud Named a "Disruptive Deployment" in Deloitte's Technology Trends 2011 Report [RESEARCH]

Deloitte’s annual Technology Trends report examines the ever-evolving landscape of technology put to business use. Although it is written from the perspective of the CIO, it also informs business executives on exciting new possibilities to apply technology to address their most pressing business challenges. The report shares the technology trends they see as relevant for 2011, clustered in two categories:

(Re)Emerging Enablers are trends that many technology executives have spent time, thought and resources on in the past.

  • Visualization
  • “Almost-Enterprise” Applications
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • CIOs as Revolutionaries
  • The End of the “Death of ERP”

Disruptive Deployments present significant new opportunities to improve business processes, rethink operations or even enter into new business models.

  • Real Analytics
  • Social Computing
  • User Engagement
  • Applied Mobility
  • Capability Clouds

From Deloitte's Tech Trends 2011:

"There have been three main drivers of cloud adoption thus far: a preference for operating expense over capital expense; speed to solution; and flexible, scalable access to specialized resources – be they technology, software or people. The capability cloud can add opportunities for agility and innovation in how business processes – even business models – are acquired, composed and revised.

As capability cloud adoption continues to mature, it will require and enable more hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. With the rapid pace of change, increasing success stories, the level of investment and innovation – not to mention the hype and attention – CIOs must be prepared to answer how they leverage the ecosystem of capabilities, services and value networks delivered by the cloud."

Bottom Line

"Woven through many of the trends is the growing convergence of cloud, social and mobile computing, analytics and cyber – fundamentally changing how information is accessed and used in business operations and decision-making. Cloud computing is continuously growing and maturing – in terms of its adoption, vendor landscape and offering sophistication. Cloud deployment in 2011 makes technology potentially disruptive, especially as deployments move from capacity concerns to business capability enablement.

The tipping point of cloud will come when it can effectively disappear - when it becomes a part of the fabric of how business executes, not an add-on consideration or an adjunct strategy. Much like the choice between taking the bus, flagging a taxi, renting a car or buying your own automobile – each has a purpose for a specific place and time – our transportation capabilities are richer because of the potential options. Capability clouds will be a big step in changing the role and potential value of IT – shifting the focus its underlying machinations to business value."

The full report can be downloaded on Deloitte’s website free of charge: Tech Trends 2011: The Natural Convergence of Business and IT.