CIO Insight: Business Intelligence & Analytics are Top IT Apps in 2012 [RESEARCH]

CIO Insight recently published a slideshow about application adoption trends over the next year. According to a recent survey from SnapLogic, of which over 110 CIOs and other top execs took part, CIOs and other senior tech executives continue to pursue BI, analytics, productivity/collaboration, financial, sales and social media tools, as they strive to integrate IT with their organization’s strategic objectives. This is yet further proof that the BI/analytics space is hot right now, and more and more companies are realizing that business performance can be largely improved by leveraging these tools.

"BI, for certain, remains hot. But so are other apps, such as those that are Saas/cloud-driven."


We think so too. Why not combine the two? BI = hot, SaaS/cloud = hot. SaaS BI = on fire :)

Here is a more detailed breakdown of some of the survey results:

  • BI/analytics % respondents: 39%
  • Productivity/collaboration % respondents: 36%
  • Sales % respondents: 34%
  • Financial % respondents: 28%
  • Social media % respondents: 27%
  • 57% of respondents anticipate that their data volumes will increase over the next 12-18 months by 25%
  • The biggest things standing in the way of fully harnessing data were: insufficient integration, data quality maintenance and network/system performance maintenance
  • 56% of respondents feel that easily connecting applications and data will allow staff more time to work on other business initiatives
  • 42% of respondents plan to incorporate cloud solutions to address integration needs.