VisitData - Tourism in France

Until now, tourism’s main goal was to offer us the ideal destination. But it’s with data analytics that BIME’s partner - VisitData - wants to transform our perspective on traveling. By building interactive dashboards on tourism Open Data, VisitData wants to enhance tourism by defining the ideal journey for each of us.

Check out the tourism dashboard for the most visited country in the world.

From understanding which regions are visited by locals or foreigners, which places are used by tourists just for transit or to spend the night, and up to seeing all this evolve over months and years. BIME’s partner is changing the way we see tourism and ultimately, it is going to change the way tourism attracts new travelers.

This is just the beginning - with the spread of geolocalization data generated by telco providers, the possibilities to analyze and, thus, adapt tourism at an individual level will be limitless : where are tourists going, what do they visit, at what hour of the day?

VisitData develops a know-how to benefit from telecom data, with customized dashboards for regions and tourism offices - for truly enriching the holiday experiences.