V6 - The Power Behind Simplicity

When launching a new version of our cloud BI platform, our users don’t ask us ‘What is new?’ but ‘What is revolutionary?’. Because they know that each time, we upgrade the way you can do BI.

With BIME V6, we did not just refine UI as a new standard for Business Intelligence applications, but we also accomplished another essential goal for the users who want to be able to independently analyze their company’s data: provide them with analytics power behind the simplicity of the UI.

And today, business applications are no longer different than consumer ones - business apps have to make it among our browser bookmarks, on our mobile’s first screen and in our daily shortcuts list. For this to happen, business applications need to reach another level of flexibility, usability and, most of all, desirability. But can anyone envision a business platform that is as easy to use as Twitter, as fast as Vine and as customizable as an Airbnb search?

These were our questions before building V6. But instead of following successful patterns, we decided to challenge them and set even better trends. Everybody was talking about Mobile BI. We imagined V6 not only as Mobile BI but as BI that runs everywhere - and here we are talking about more than just consuming dashboards on a mobile device but also creating dashboards directly on these devices. Moreover, being compatible with evergreen browsers (the ones that self-update), BIME makes V6 a BI available anywhere, any time and for any user.

In the new dashboards, everything is a widget - from colors & fonts to axis, date filters or KPI selectors. Everything is customizable so that users can create and browse through different perspectives of their data. Data discovery has been viewed as a solitary experience up to now - enabled for the user by the interactivity options of the UI. But thanks to the new level of customization that V6 achieves and the collaboration features -from commenting and sharing and up to slides and bookmarks - BIME is transforming data discovery into a collective experience.

This experience is even further enhanced by the AI-like features that use best practices to automatically provide the user with the best data visualizations and charts for the type of queries he or she is running. Furthermore, the user has an entire library of pre-built queries that he can immediately use. The BIME platform will also instantly translate the queries in the programming language of each specific database in order to accelerate the process of getting answers. Answers that can lead to decisions changing not only business growth but making a whole business model more efficient and competitive.