Twitter Image Impact

One great thing about working with a cloud BI tool is that the business user has the ability to run ad hoc queries quickly and easily - you don’t have to find room in the budget for it, or persuade a busy IT team to get involved. This is particularly handy when you are looking at a hunch. When we have a hunch about something, we can look into it in a couple of minutes.

For example, we saw that we were getting much more engagement from some tweets than others, which seemed to be connected to the inclusion of images. It makes sense - images take up more space on a timeline, attracting more attention and so pushing more engagement. But to check out our hunch, we decided to have a deeper look at things.

The BIME Twitter connector allows you to make several different types of connections, and with the User Timeline connection, we can see details for up to 3,200 tweets by account, including the retweet and favourite counts - and the media count. Using a BIME DB as the online storage option, connections to different user timelines can be uploaded into a single table using the ‘append’ option.


So, using Socialbakers' statistics for the biggest accounts in terms of followers, we pulled the figures for the top ten brands overall, and (next) five for some different industries - automotive, software and finance - to have a look at the bigger picture.

First, we filtered out retweets and replies, to focus on the accounts’ public original content. Then, we used a calculated attribute computed from the tweet ID to separate these tweets into two categories:

IF (SUM(Media count)>0) THEN "Has Media" ELSE "No Media" ENDIF


Overall, 46% of tweets contained images, but these were getting 70% of all the retweets and favourites received. 23 of the 25 brands analysed saw an increase in interactions (RTs+Favs) per tweet when they used an image, and 17 saw the level of engagement at least double.

The overall increase was 171%, but there were interesting variations by industry. The biggest was for the automotive accounts with a 500% increase - perhaps understandable as this industry lends itself to enticing pictures! However, the less ‘flashy’ industries of software and finance also saw improved engagement, at least double what they get for a text-only tweet.


Using the BIME Twitter connector and BIME DB, it was quick and easy to go from hunch to analysis to strategy. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it can also boost the engagement with 140 characters!

Click on the image to view the dashboard

Click on the image to view the dashboard