Le Tour de France 2013 Stage & Jersey Winners Dashboard

The 100th Tour de France has just finished, and we at BIME have been tracking developments with interest! In our dynamic dashboard, you can see lots of interesting information, about the route and the brave souls who cycled it. 

First, we used BIME's heatmap function to create a dynamic map of the route, including each stagewinner. Hover over a point for the details!

We also looked at which riders had held the various jerseys - these do not include second-placed riders who wore jerseys when the first-placed rider already had something else to wear, but they can be seen in the full results table at the bottom of the dashboard. Here you can also see a breakdown of the length and type of each stage in a column chart, again, hover over a column for the full details. The colour coding of the pie charts should tell you which jersey they are for, but we've also used the 'edit tooptips' function to add narrative to each chart. 

The treemap for the stage winners breaks down who won by what stage, with colour identifying how far they had to ride to win it, and there's another one for the best team. 

We were really lucky here at BIME, as stage 6 went past the office, so we went out to have a look at it live! We're already excited about next year, and Tour de France 101.