The Top Musicians On Twitter Visualized

Justin Bieber has nearly 38 million followers on Twitter. A country full of all the 'Beliebers' on Twitter would be the 35th most populous country in the world, just ahead of Canada... a very scary thought. We took data from the Guardian Data Blog to visualize the most popular musicians on Twitter (the top 100 by number of followers). Using BIMEs  slick drag and drop UI we were able to quickly create a few visualizations to present the numbers.

Soulja Boy is by far the most prolific tweeter out of the 100, averaging 1331 tweets per month. If you are looking for a follow back then Marshall Matters, Rev Run and Kanye West aren't the people to follow. Marshall Matters and Rev Run don't follow anybody whilst Kanye West only follows 1 person - Kim Kardashian. Click the screenshot below to  load the dashboard and view all the visualizations in fast HTML5.