The Partners' saga continues...

The cloud is expanding. And so is our network of partners that believe in cloud as the layer on which all current and future successful companies are being built. Regis Boudaud, Associate Director at Ouest Decision believes that the whole market will move in the cloud sooner rather than later. As he points out, BIME has a major head start in comparison to its competitors due to its pure cloud model.

And it’s not only about the cloud technologies that our partners are using. The fact is - just as the team at Revevol says - migrating a business application from an on-premise to a Cloud solution is the just the beginning of a ‘Cloud Journey’. Furthermore, cloud itself can offer a much larger flexibility to different business contexts than on-premise solutions. And he adds: Cloud is in our DNA.

It’s not only our partners’ expertise that drives the change towards cloud but also their thought leadership.

Dan Dukan, CEO of BI-One, strongly believes in a world where the theory of the triple 0 will apply everywhere: 0 infrastructure for the database servers, 0 maintenance (fix, patch, service pack, upgrade), 0 client versioning update.

With each new partner, BIME is being embedded and becoming a core part of essential business process.

Through its pure cloud BI model, BIME is enhancing the field of BPM (Business Process Management) by being part of Revevol’s Business Cloud Platform and also accelerating the deployment of PPM (Project Portfolio Management) reports by partnering with CoPrime.

Thanks to Yehp, the BIME app is used for disseminating data reports to international networks, to analyze marketing data timelines or as part of a CRM global system - as Goulven Aubrée, CEO of Yehp, says, any major project done with BIME can be finalized in a matter of weeks. For on-premise solutions he tried before, any change could have taken months and months of implementation.

BIME is also part of an integrated cloud solution from BI-One, along Crosscut by Moskitos, a  ready-to-use and economical solution for ETL, the Google Cloud Platform and the BI & YOU consulting service.

BIME is smart and efficient. ‘It brings together through the Query Blender data sources never thought to become compatible before’, says Goulven. And the switch from Flash and HTML5 happens in the blink of an eye. Dan Dukan from BI-One considers that now they can spend more time on the way data calculation models in order to deliver real intelligence and action items for the decision makers. He gives the example of a recent project where consultants at BI & YOU spent an amount of time three times bigger with the business users than with the IT in a company.

BIME is user-friendly. Regis from Ouest Decision says that the geocoding option is at a child’s play level of use. Goulven from Yehp adds to that by talking about the intuitive way of filtering data on a dashboard depending on the type of viewer the user is.

Last but not least, BIME is partner-friendly. Goulven points out that it is not enough to have a good cloud solution but also to have generate and to prove expertise. ‘And the BIME team has mixed all these three ingredients perfectly’, acknowledges the CEO of Yehp.

The partners that are joining our network are changing their fields. But they are doing much more along with that. They are changing the way business users understand the benefits of understanding data and amplifying the possibilities of what these users can do with data due to the resourcefulness of cloud technologies.

Our thanks to Goulven Aubrée, CEO of Yehp, Regis Boudaud, Associate Director at Ouest Decision, Sébastien Chaput, Associate Director at CoPrime, Nicolas Bouillon, Consultant at Revevol and Dan Dukan, CEO of BI-One who shared and will continue to share their success stories with BIME.