The new Waterfall visualization: One click revelation

People do not like only spotting patterns or discovering trends that may give them a competitive edge. They also like to deconstruct successful paths, to find out the secret recipe of a delicatesse or the way the engine of a powerful car works in order to recreate that path for sustainable success. And this is why, along with the current 17 visualization types on the BIME platform, we are adding the waterfall chart for users to dive deeper (wordplay intended) into their data. Discover it here.

The waterfall chart is a variation of the column chart that helps in understanding the cumulative effect of sequentially introduced positive or negative values. In other words, they help you understand how you got from point A to point B. They also offer a valuable alternative to pie charts.

Until today, creating waterfall charts has been somewhat convoluted, requiring raw data manipulation and a long list of steps. In BIME, starting today, creating a waterfall chart is as simple as selecting the chart type. An interesting and innovative direction of bundling visualization and data processing.

Read more here about the best practices on how and when to use the waterfall, how it is different from a piechart and also discover how Jack Bauer reached more than 300 kills in the 24 - Live Another Day well-known TV series - season by season.