The new Sunburst visualization: As easy as pie

We believe that people using cloud BI and building interactive dashboards are developing their brain’s plasticity to better understand and spot faster patterns in their data. By creating multiple visualizations that can change through filters and over time, users are able to intuitively gain the knowledge of representing data in order for it to make immediate sense for teammates, board members or any other stakeholders. In this context, they are always looking to enhance their data visualizations and dashboards as storytelling suites and tools for finding competitive advantages.

This is why, along with the current 16 visualization types on the BIME platform, we are adding the Sunburst as an option to visualize and envision data. A sunburst is a hierarchical pie chart and is, as we like to call it, ‘as easy as pie’. As Stephen Few - one of the renowned experts data visualization - mentions, there is a strange fascination from human beings ’with all things circular’. And, as the brain of analytics users is already used to quickly understand and process the information through pie charts, the Sunburst is a natural evolution in the way the BIME platform delivers data visualization.

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