Data visualization: The Datagrids

Grids and tables may not be the most exciting data visualisations in the world, but they are key tools for the data analyst. They are the most used of all the visual options available in BIME, and we’d bet that they are used by every single one of our clients on at least one of their dashboards!

So, as well as introducing cool new visuals such as the sunburst and waterfall, we didn’t want to forget the modest datagrid.

A Graphical Grid

We have added new formatting options that allow you to distinguish many different sections of your datagrid.

Different areas can be color-coded, using our color-picker that allows you to select, edit, or specify the desired color.

The text style of all these areas can also be specified, as can labels for totals and sub-totals used, and how these present if used together.

Link it all Together

If your dataset includes URLs, these can be displayed in a dynamic way. Images will appear on rollover; other URLs can be clicked to open a webpage. Included in the configuration options is the ability to alias the URL results.

Remember also that you can insert static images or logos into dashboards using an image widget, and URLs - even embedding a video! - using a text widget. The cool thing about having clickable links in a datagrid is that this is a query - it responds dynamically based on the time period updating, the filters applied, if measures are changed...

You don’t even need to have the full URL in your dataset - it is really easy to create a clickable URL using a calculated attribute to put the right website prefix on a page path from Google Analytics or a twitter ID.