The data-driven education: How BIME will design education dashboards with Academie Lafayette in KC

Academie Lafayette, a K-8 French language Immersion Public Charter School in Kansas City invited Jim Lysinger and Etienne Luneau to speak about BIME Analytics and cloud BI in order to learn more about how a French company is starting in the city. As a new member of the KC community, the US team of BIME took this opportunity to show their support and prove their belief that BI (business intelligence) can also become society intelligence.

Thus, VP Jim Lysinger and Business Development Director Etienne Luneau brought the wonder of cloud-based data analysis to M. Pasqualini's 7th Grade Media Class. M. Pasqualini considers that “our digital age is characterized by an exponential increase of the amount of data; each time we use a computer and an internet connection, we send out data, little pieces of information about ourselves." His students know this, and learned more about organizing and using these types of data thanks to the high level presentation about BI and the Cloud done in French by Jim and Etienne.

“It was fascinating - for me, Jean, and his students.”, said Shelly Doucet, Development Director at the Academie Lafayette. Jean Pasqualini explained to the students that with the development of digital technology, and especially what is now called the cloud, it is becoming easier to access, use and analyze data to help all types of organizations improve their work. “The presentation by BIME allowed our 7th graders to start making a connection with what they are studying in Media Literacy and the real world.”, concluded M. Pasqualini.

I learned that data can be transformed into information and companies can use it to better understand and predict the behavior of their clients.
— 12 year-old pupil, Academie Lafayette

Finding that the students have already started to understand how data is shaping their current and future lives, made BIME go even further in its collaboration with Academie Lafayette.

The Academie is continuously focused on analyzing the performance of its students. It shows in the way they place in the the analysis of the Missouri Department of Education. Along with this, they are also diversifying the activities and opportunities that they offer - from summer camps to robotics clubs, fundraising campaigns and discounts cards and up to social media channels - and the school is gathering more and more types of data that need to be analyzed in order to ensure a constant success of their initiatives.

As the Academie does not have a centralized back office and it is searching for a way to gather data from a variety of current sources such as student performance, attendance, demographics, etc., BIME decided to jump in, provide them with an account, and help the management team and the teachers integrate these data sources and - based on them - build their first dashboards analyzing the growth of students and the school as a whole.

Because BIME is already working with major institutions in the field of education and science such as Berkeley Lab and the Iowa State University, we believe this will be a very important step in proving the role of data analysis in improving educational systems.

Derrick Harris from Gartner considers that “getting young people interested in analyzing their own data with interesting visualizations might actually help spur that data-savvy workforce everyone seems to think we need.” Through this kind of recurrent interactions, BIME contributes to giving children the chance to understand and like what they can achieve with data, making data analysis natural for them and thus, ensuring that the the world will have a data workforce sooner rather than later.