BIME wins the Eurocloud France award for Best Public Case Study

We are very pleased to announce that we have won the award for Best Public Case Study by Eurocloud France. Our submission detailed the Government of British Columbia project which has been online since March 2012.  The award was voted on by a panel of 18 independent experts in the field of cloud computing. This is our second Eurocloud award after winning the best startup award in 2011. Well done to all the other winners and nominees, JournalDuNet, provided a summary of the winners at the awards.

Benoit receives the award - source:  journaldunet

Benoit receives the award - source: journaldunet

With the help of BIME, the Province of British Columbia (BC, Canada's western most province) publish their data on the province's court systems. Their aim is to become more transparent and to open up their data for use by the province's citizens, businesses, media and academics. To achieve this the department worked in partnership with BIME, to produce dashboards visualizing the statistics and key measures from all the province's courthouses. The dashboards present interactive data visualizations displaying information geographically and broken down into easily accessible, user-friendly graphs and pie charts. Users are able to drill-down and search statistics from individual regions or courthouses. Statistics include the number of new court cases, months to case conclusion, court hours and scheduled court appearances for the three levels of court in BC.

Read the full BC testimonial HERE and view the dashboards HERE.

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