Our new US team - BIWARE!

BIME’s entrepreneurial path has taken us to the US, to Kansas City - in the words of Rachel Delacour, CEO of BIME, the next important American tech hub.

On the 22nd of January, at the 1 Million Cups event in KC, the new US team of BIME was united for the first time: Etienne, Jerice, Jessica, Ryan, Taylor, Matt and Zach shared with their view on how cloud BI will change the data world and, implicitly, the way entrepreneurs as well as corporations think and act.


The team had Rachel and Jim Lysinger (VP of North America) alongside to share to the KC audience the story of BIME, from the first product version to the first funding series in 2013 and to the US expansion now. They outlined the fact that entrepreneurs have to constantly develop their perspective on one's own company (as Rachel said in the beginning of her talk: Don’t get mad, get moving! ).

Walking through BI history - from data warehouses to cloud computing, they underlined the importance of ‘spreading the word’ and the awareness that BIME's innovative cloud product got from its launch. They also pointed out the benefits of embracing since day one the social media revolution. Thus, in 2014, BIME is set to spread the vision of the cloud as the new data warehouse of the present.

You can watch the full conference presentation here: 

Listen to Rachel Delacour and Jim Lysinger sharing the success story of BIME Analytics at the 1 Million Cups event in Kansas City.

KC entrepreneurs acknowledged how past BI solutions cannot match the cloud BI’s low-cost and flexible capacity to generate new perspectives on their companies' data analysis.

This is only one of the reasons why BIME’s new team has the spirit to conquer the data world. They are not only smart, they have a wide range of expertise. They are not only energetic, they are focused. They are not only determined, they have a common vision. Competitors, BIWARE!


Etienne, Jerice, Jessica, Ryan, Taylor, Matt and Zach, welcome to BIME!