New Roadtrip In The Cloud For The BIME Team

Ready, steady, go!!!

The way both business and IT users switch their BI acquisitions today towards cloud BI is not only a statistical trend but a reality in the market. All industries, departments and types of users have started to look at cloud BI as a potential game-changer, within companies and out in the open world of the competitive edge. The BIME team has organized / participated to more than 10 events in the last month, from financial summits to web marketing workshops and up to digital government or Big Data demonstrations in partnership with Google. Read our conclusions from a roadtrip covering Nantes, London, Paris or Missouri.

In London, with Google and Appsbroker

On June 10th, BIME and its partner Appsbroker hosted a Cloud BI event at the Google UK HQ for a select audience of IT decision-makers. BIME, a Google Technolgy Partner and Appsbroker, a Premier Google Enterprise Reseller and the Winner of Google EMEA Special Contribution Partner Award for 2012, have joined forces to organise a comprehensive Big Data demo executed through Cloud BI. It was an opportunity to meet and exchange valuable perspectives with key IT decision-makers facing Big Data challenges related to new projects or to the digital focus shift of their companies. The climax of the event was a real demo of an Appsbroker’s customer BIME dashboard based on billions of data points hosted on Google BigQuery. It has been followed by a long Q&A session where the experienced audience has been able to debate on topics related to TCO, the cloud platform, moving from reporting to data visualization as well as the role of their team for data management.

In two places at once - in Milano, with Noovle

The very same day, BIME also took part at the CFO Summit in Milano alongside Noovle, a well-known Google partner and our most recent partner in Italy. It was extremely interesting to see how CFOs from major companies as well as SMBs or startups are starting to dig in the immense potential of correlating their financial data to several internal or external data sources such as sales, marketing or advertising as well as to open data such as economiy trends, estimations, etc. in order to get an overview of their true impact in the company.

In Paris, for the ConvCon

On June 16th, BIME has participated to the Conversion Conference - in sync with the SMX event. We participated to a session about designing the right landscape of marketing tools - from tagging systems, marketing attributions, data visualisation, A/B testing and DMP. Julien Babin from Keyade, Rapahël Fetique from Converteo, Emmanuel Brunet from Eulerian Technologies, and Nicolas Coudret, BIME’s Marketing Director, have discussed with the professional audience about what should be the best set of tools and systems to equip a Digital Marketing Department. The day was organised to provide a maximum of knowledge exchange. Two leaders of the E-commerce field reminded the audience about the key conversion criteria - that it is not about web design but a real business matter. Pingki Houang, CEO of and Olivier Mathiot, co-founder and President of Priceminister presented the basic 5 elements that one needs to aim for in order to have the best conversion rate:

  • width of offer / providing a wider choice
  • right product pricing
  • user experience - one chance to provide a good feeling
  • branding
  • quality of traffic - catching the right audience

In Missouri, on the Open Data path

The next day, the BIME team was present at the Missouri Digital Government Summit in Jefferson City. We took this opportunity to create a Missouri Open Data Dashboard and demonstrate  that there is an immense opportunity for states and cities to benefit from their developing open data ecosystems and become truly data-driven.

Presenters and attendees at the Digital Government Summit mentioned that cloud analytics is one of the key elements to take down the silos of information and bring transparency to the public and within local governments while allowing  communities and local groups to actively collaborate to better understand the collective needs outlined by visual data dashboards.

Back in London, at the Marketing Week Live

BIME has been  part of the largest marketing event dedicated to marketers in UK, the Marketing Week Live 2014 that took place in London Olympia on June 25 & 26th. Hosted on the French Pavilion organised by Ubi France. BIME as well as other companies have demonstrated the French “savoir faire” in software and data mining. Our neighbour were Agalma with their Reputizer application to manage company e-reputation and Yseop that can transform a set of raw data into a comprehensive written report with their IA software. We’ve been able to meet marketers from various companies in search of user-friendly and agile applications to crawl and crunch marketing data. Once again, we have validated the need of marketers to not rely or depend on the IT department to run analytics.

During the main session of the Marketing Talks, Michael Magee, VP Marketing UK of Mars Chocolate UK, has talked in detail about several recent combined TV and digital campaigns on their lead products - Snickers and Matelsers. He outlined the need for companies to continue to invest in their strong brand during the crisis. He mentioned it is still complex for large corporations to evaluate the ROI or revenue impact of a pure digital campaign ran on Twitter or other social media channels compared to the traditional TV ads. Maybe there is a need to mix social media feeds with sales figures. Michael, you should look at BIME and and our future Twitter connector…

Back in Paris, too for the Salesforce1 Tour

Marc Benioff was in Paris on the 26th of June for the worldwide Salesforce1 Tour.  Between two Dreamforce events, Salesforce chose to promote its latest mobile application - Salesforce1, which is an entire redesign of Salesforce for iOS and  Android. More than ever, at the heart of the revolution for the mobile Internet of Customers, the cloud giant that invented the “no software” reinvents itself with a new offer exclusively designed for mobility.  Around 6 000 people attended the event in which Salesforce has put its latest creation under the spotlight along with the ecosystem of partners for services and applications. Nomalys with Céline Blanc, a BIME partner and the president of Salesforce application Club presented its mobile application Nomalys for Salesforce. Extended business analytics that can mix Salesforce data with other company data still represents a high demand for Salesforce customers. We invite them to watch our latest webinar in which we explain the reasons why they need a powerful business analytics platform, such as BIME, on top of their favorite CRM.