Marketing teams, it’s time to get more data-driven with Kontest

Grabbing your customer's’ attention is no easy feat with the amount of noise your business has to compete with. So more and more marketers are getting savvy with customer data to find, target, and engage their customers in a way that’s more personal and relevant.

Today, our partner, Kontest—a creator of marketing tools that optimize the customer journey from site visitor to customer—has integrated with BIME Analytics to provide data-driven solutions for marketers who want to gather and leverage customer insights to more effectively interact and engage the customer community.

Here are some of the new data-driven goodness:

  • A pre-built audience dashboard that organizes customers based on various attributes so marketers can learn about their customers and take action on the data.

  • New engagement metrics, like average exposure time per game, changes in engagement rates, and identification of influencers, enable marketers to capture important behavior cues of their customers.

  • Features designed for data collection, such as the integration with Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and Twitter ads, and user data on visits, subscription, and sales, help marketers see the effectiveness of their campaigns and opportunities for improvement.

Marketing is no longer one size fits all customers, so combining relevant business data to marketing strategy and customer targeting enables businesses to nudge customers along their journey. Learn more about Kontest and see a free demo at