Make The Most Of Your Mobile Marketing Campaign (Part 1)

This is officially the year when more Americans are using mobile devices than desktops. That means your mobile marketing campaign has to be up to snuff, with responsive design leading the way and your business intelligence (BI) depending on the cloud for optimization. Consider 'business intelligence made easy' (BIME), which offers a responsive design for HTML 5 dashboards, but can be adapted to any device screen. In other words, it’s created with the mobile user in mind.

BIME is the perfect example of designing a marketing campaign around mobile users. It engages your online audience and is aware that the majority of web display advertisements aren’t ever seen by a single consumer. Still, online advertising is growing at record speaks. Knowing your target market’s behavioral patterns is crucial with a mobile marketing campaign, helping to ensure you don’t lose any dollars.

Why cloud BI?

With this type of BI, ad data is optimally organized and analyzed via the most popular of programs whether you prefer Facebook Insights, Youtube Analytics or Google Analytics. The Big Data can then be integrated with financial data from your program of choice (Quikbooks remains popular) so businesses can instantly see a worldwide presentation of how the ads are working—or not. Cloud technology as a whole has the power to link different elements of a business, so it only makes sense that it’s used in mobile marketing.

For far too long, cloud BI was embraced by startups and small business owners, but it seems they knew something corporations didn’t. It was an alternative to the classical on-site software which was beloved by BI marketers. However, cloud computing and the SaaS model as a whole are now securely in BI strategies. According to a survey from Enterprise Management Associates, 25 percent of all organizations are using cloud BI and only two percent said they’d never consider it.

Mobile and cloud BI: A perfect match

The benefits of cloud BI are nearly identical to 'regular' cloud technology: Lower overhead, more efficiency, faster deployment, no double work, more flexibility, and the adaptation factors. The same is true with mobile devices and marketing. It’s all about offering more options, flexibility and variety to best suit you. Unfortunately, what’s holding back most businesses are myths, resistance to change and security worries.

Switching to an 'invisible' BI approach while simultaneously accepting that people are seriously multi-tasking and depending on small screens can lead to a standstill. Maximizing your mobile marketing campaign means adopting the technology that will make the process easier with no cracks where things (like customers or dollars) can slip through.

Tips to optimizing mobile marketing

There are many ways to make the most of this new type of campaign, and some trial and error will be in order for your unique business. However, consider this your cheat sheet:

  • Embrace cloud BI and see how it can streamline your efforts

  • Ensure you have a quality analysis tool in place to see the end result of your mobile marketing

  • Test, test, and re-test for responsive design constantly

  • Get feedback from your customers, and actually use that Big Data

Mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere, and neither is cloud BI, so it’s in your best interest to get on board.