Liveblogging from the Gigaom Structure:Data conference

Check our live feed right from the Gigaom Structure:Data conference in New York. Stay tuned all day to find out the latest news and stories about BigData enhanced by business intelligence (and our stream of photos with the Google Glass)!


But wait, what's that left in our suitcase for our our fly back to France ? ;)

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We leave the Gigaom Structure: Data conference in the Big Apple for the City of Lights. The BIME team will be  shedding light over BigData in Paris on the 1st and 2nd of April at the BigData Expo.

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UCBerkeley bets on MOOC for the training of future data scientists. That and intuitive UIs for BI apps will make each one a data scientist. Do you believe that we can start training ourselves to become data analysts?

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A talk at the Gigaom Structure:Data conference asks whether if video is BigData. We think that video is BigData not only by size but also because it is at the core of understanding B2C interactions. Do you envisage a near future where you connect Youtube Analytics with Facebook Insights with Salesforce data and other on-premise data sources to understand your customer base at a true granular level?

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Amazon Web Services talk at the Gigaom Structure:Data conference about the growing number of data types that can be processed through BigData. Do you believe that our ways of analyzing data are also diversifying along the way? Is this the new software vs hardware kind of battle?

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@LinkedIn, @Airbnb and @Uber are talking at the Gigaom Structure:Data conference about high-performing websites being built on data. Do you think that the data scientist will also become the new web designer?

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And let's not forget the French touch with all the #lafrenchtech spirit !

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Wrapping up for the first day at #gigaomlive !

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There is a lot of talk at the Gigaom Structure:Data conference about the market size for BigData. But it’s not the company size determining the need for BigData but its ambition. Do you think that SMBs can use BigData to challenge major companies?

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Soccer, tennis, driving, all sports can be tracked and analyzed through BigData and cloud BI as discussed at the Gigaom Structure:Data conference. Thus, not only athletes’ performance can be improved but sport itself! How do you envisage the next team selection done through data analytics? Can BigData replace coaches?

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With all the data from citizen journalism and social media, media is harder than rocket science says Colin Coleman from Turner Broadcasting at the Gigaom Structure:Data conference. And closer to the real news for you, we say. What do you think, how much can cloud BI give media giants the tools to deliver the future of individual news?

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Geoff McGrath from McLaren is talking about the importance of speed in data analytics. Processing, analyzing, discovery speed. In all of these, we believe that cloud BI is winning the race.

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One would think it’s Harry Potter language but it’s actually simple queries over billions of rows that reveal the magic of BigData over at booth 27 at #gigaomlive!

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From location to data-based networks by Dennis Crawley at Foursquare.

How about analytics for everybody? says Derrick Harris from Gigaom.

And the first interview with Gigaom...

The US team is ready! And we have our Google Glass, too!

5 more hours and the buzz will rise from buzzwords at the Gigaom Structure:Data event in New York.