Liveblogging from the Big Data Paris event

Check our live feed at right from the Big Data Expo in Paris. Stay tuned all day to find out essential stories and trends in cloud BI and Big Data.

Customer experience, social media, what else can benefit from BigData and cloud BI?

And one of the thought leaders on data analysis and visualizations nowadays - Kenneth Cukier from The Economist:

A few thoughts on the amount (and quality) of BigData:

The function of Big Data and the role of the Data Scientist are being discussed at the event:

The second day is on its way:

The first day of Big Data Expo in Paris is approaching its end but what a day of discoveries. The business world is changing at its core!

What is BigData good for?

From the conceptual to the practical aspects of BigData:

The debates are starting:

Big Data Paris starts with enlightenment...