Learn how Krystall Innsikt use SaaS BI to combine their accounting and production data into slick dashboards and reports

The Company

Norwegian consultancy Krystall Innsikt deliver decision making tools to medium and large companies using quantitative analysis. They offer four core products:

1. Bottleneck analysis

2. Simulation models for strategic planning

3. Data Analysis

4. Planning tools

The company has a network of around 10 collaborators with a range of skills/knowledge in the above fields based in Colombia, UK, Chile, USA, Argentina, Italy.

The Needs

☁ An easy to access solution that does not require infrastructure

☁ Simple to use, intuitive dashboard menus and visualizations.

☁ The possibility for both exploratory and explanatory data visualizations

☁ An easy and effective connection with an SQL database

☁ Beautiful and elegant dashboards with company logo, pictures, text, etc.

Working as an outside consultant for a large client, Carla Assuad, Analyst and Leader at the company needed a solution to visualize data stored in several different SQL databases. Of utmost importance was that the visualizations are simple to access and the solution easy to use.

The client needed to combine production data with accounting data to produce dashboards and internal reports in a format in which everyone at the company could understand. On top of this they needed the flexibility of having different levels of data visualization and exploration.

Carla Assuad - Leader & Analyst

Carla Assuad - Leader & Analyst

“Some users just want to have a quick insight that does not require exploration but just explanation, on the other hand other users would like to explore the data and find out more detail. The drill through feature of BIME was perfect for the last purpose.”

Before making the decision Carla studied a range of other tools at many different levels and pricing brackets before finally deciding on BIME: Excel, Access, Eclipse, Python, R, Google Visualization, Host Analytics. Carla’s preference was always to choose a cloud solution.

The Implementation

The dashboards built by Carla are currently used by the CEO of the company and very soon it will be used by board members and staff throughout the company. Of particular use is the dashboard interface and how easy it is to filter and export visualizations. The ability to mix several databases and create the visualizations, all in one solution saved Carla and her client time. The fact the solution is cloud based makes it easy to share and manage. “In one word it gives me flexibility”. Now created, dashboards are updated regularly with just a few clicks.

The Response

“Very good, it is exactly what we were looking for. In the end we are very pleased with the result and my client was very happy when the final version was handed out.”

“My client wants to develop more dashboards with other features and for other users. I am also trying to sell the solution to other clients that have the same needs.”

“It has made their life easier because now they find the information they need in one place when they need it and in a format that is easy to understand and communicate. This is important for improving decision making.”

Thank you to Carla and Krystal Innsikt for this testimonial.