Fresh New Features in BIME this November

YouTube Connector 

Following on from last month’s Omniture data connector, we’re keeping the web analytics momentum going with BIME’s brand new YouTube connector! You can now connect directly to and visualize your YouTube data, maybe even use the Query Blender to mix it with your website traffic and Facebook data to get a wider picture of your online presence. Take a look at the sort of metrics you can be tracking in our YouTube dashboard below (click to launch full dashboard).



Bulk Import of Named Viewers

In response to some great customer feedback regarding the creation of groups of named viewers, you can now do a bulk import direct from a csv file!  We’ve made in really easy to do and you can watch this short video we’ve put together to show you just how easy it is.



Grid Arrows

A little addition to the grid view visualization we’ve made is the capacity to add arrows to cells within the grid to clearly indicate whether the values in your grid are either positive (green arrow) or negative (red arrow) as shown below.

Grid arrows.png



Google Analytics Profile Security

We’ve now made managing your aggregated profiles in Google Analytics so much easier!  The data security function that so many of our clients use to filter dashboard data based on named viewer groups has now been added to the Profiles attribute in Google Analytics.  So now you can use just the one dashboard for multiple sites and offer different filtered profile views based on who is logging in to the dashboard.

GA Profile Security.png