How it's like in the (Google) Atmosphere

On the 22nd of May, BIME’s team was invited to the Google Atmosphere event dedicated to sales & marketing professionals at the Google headquarter of Google France. #Atmosphere14

More than 150 sales & marketing top professionals have been invited by Google for a day of Google technology discovery and exchange. The setting was quite innovative. Instead of classic keynotes where the audience is passive and just listening a series of speakers, the participants have been asked to participate.

The setting of the place has also been designed to facilitate the interaction - participants were grouped by table and each one was given a Chrome book. The audience was then tasked to solve live a virtual business case issue using the power of Google Apps. The case has been introduced through a data discovery BIME dashboard identifying and locating the revenue drop of a company.

The sales & marketing experts had to challenge themselves and rack their brains to put forward a new product solution as well as new advertising and marketing campaigns that were to be launched in less than an hour. The format was really interactive and provided the best demonstration of the power of cloud collaboration. BIME was proud to be part of this experience and to be integrated in the role playing game.

Before this happening, Google has outlined a series of impressive stats related to the rise of Youtube. 40% of views on Youtube are coming from mobile. Most of the large corporations invest in 2 minutes video formats to benefit from a storytelling approach. It generates a huge amount of data. We have already highlighted this change in our recent article on GigaOm : Why video data is a crucial part of the enterprise value chain.

Video mobile advertising should see the biggest growth in the coming year. A recent survey has delivered an interesting piece of information. 60% of under 20 years old would rather lose their smell than their smartphone!