All Oscar Best Picture Nominees visualized

On Sunday was the Oscars; Jennifer Lawrence fell over, Michelle Obama made an appearance (sort of) and host Seth MacFarlane made many slightly cringeworthy jokes. We got involved with the glitz and glamour of the event with our Oscars Best Picture Dashboard. The dashboard takes a historical look at all the nominated films and using data from IMDB picks out trends amongst nominees and winners since the first Best Picture award was handed out to Wings in 1928.

Here is a brief explanation of some of the visualizations on the dashboard with a quick conclusion. Click here to view the dashboard.

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Highest Rated Films - The top 10 highest IMDB rated films that have been nominated for Best Picture. Winners are in gold, nominees are in silver.

As we can see, The Shawshank Redemption is the top IMDB rated Best Picture Nominee followed by The Godfather and The Godfather part 2. Django Unchained is the highest IMDB rated film from this years nominees.

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Film Ratings - The average IMDB rating of the nominated films (silver line) and the winners (gold line) by decade.

Clearly Oscar Best Picture winners are on average rated higher on IMDB than those that were just nominated. The 1970s seem to be a particularly strong decade for winners. Highly rated winners from this decade include The Godfather (9.2), The Godfather part 2 (9.1) and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (8.8).

Drama v Genre - Out of all nominated films the number which are listed as genre 'drama' on IMDB v those that do not have 'drama' listed as a genre.

Most films have some element of drama and it is rare that a more niche film is nominated.

Top 10 Budgets - Out of all nominated films, the top budgets according to IMDB. Best Picture winners are in gold, nominees in silver.

Recent animated films and films with lots of special effects dominate this list with James Cameron's Avatar leading the way (it was rumoured to have been 15 years in the making - a long time and a lot of money!).

Lowest Rated Winners - The 12 lowest IMDB rated films that have won Best Picture.

Recent low rated winners include Chicago in 2002 and Shakespeare In Love in 1998 proving Best Picture Winners aren't always the most popular films with the wider public.

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Genre Films - Excluding drama, the most common genres on IMDB among all nominated films. The larger the box, the more common. The more 'gold' the box the more winners of Best Picture from this genre.

If you want to be nominated for an Oscar, the best bet is to write a comedy but if you want to win then 'war' is the most popular genre amongst Best Picture Winners.

Winning Directors - The directors of all Best Picture nominees. The more golden the box the more films they have had nominated for Best Picture. The larger the box the more wins they have had.

William Wyler leads the way directing 13 films that have been nominated for Best Picture and 3 that have won - Ben Hur (1959), The Best Years Of Our Lives (1946) and Mrs Miniver (1942)

Nominations by country - The films which have just USA listed as the country v the rest.  

A quick proof that most films nominated originate solely from USA.

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