Gartner confirms our prediction: Cloud is the new Data Warehouse

We’ve been on the road in March and met with many IT-specialized BI buyers, vendors and analysts. So now we are sharing with you the latest perspective on the market trends that we embraced since we first started our company.

In the context of the Cloud Business Analytics’ market growth, at the Gartner BI Summit in London the hypeword was Data Gravity. This is not a futuristic statement, it is happening now - Cloud BI is no longer an expectation but a reality being translated into buying options by many organisations.

Business users have been the pioneers of data discovery based on SaaS BI applications. Traditional BI has taken a major blow because of this, and the IT department is under constant pressure over their buying decision process. Analysts consider that half of the BI and analytics expenditure will be business driven in 2014.

By 2016, 25% of net-new business analytics deployments will be in the form of subscription to cloud analytics platforms or application services and more than 5% of the total BI, analytics and performance management market is to be driven by cloud.
— Dan Sommer, Gartner Analyst

There is still a lot of confusion about cloud security and data access. First, let’s address the ongoing security argument. Who can provide the highest security certification, a 24/7 dedicated team of security experts, and runs out of business in the case of a privacy failure - the cloud vendor or the customer? Secondly, just because your BI application resides in the cloud does not mean that your data must absolutely be migrated to and live in the Cloud. Most customers will first consider flexibility and look for a hybrid framework where they can leverage everything in the cloud but also leave their in-house data behind a firewall.. This is what BIME proposes - the best of both worlds in an enterprise-ready package.

Facing the explosion of vendors in the Big Data landscape, Edd Dumbill, VP of strategy for Silicon Valley Data Science, and founding chair of the Strata Conference recently gave some useful advice on how to identify and select the right vendor. These simple pieces of advice are always good to be brought to the buyer’s attention.

“Test, don't just trust what vendors say.” -  at BIME we offer a free trial with no limitation. You can test-drive the application with all the features at your disposal, and you can connect to any type of data sources including Big Data databases during the trial. While other vendors offer only a limited set of features or a locked-down trial environment, with the BIME trial you see exactly what you’ll get.

“Experimentation must be cheap and quick — and should not break things!” he adds. This is by default the most important promise and reality of Cloud BI - you can start testing and deploying the solution with a minimal cost in comparison to a traditional on-premises solution. We generally advise that our customers begin with a proof of concept project, a mock-up that will fully test the connection framework and data visualization capabilities for a limited number of viewers. This is affordable and allows them to focus on the content and the design of what they will deliver to their audiences. Then, they can scale up from one month to another and manage the implementation to cover all business needs according to their budget, step by step. The risk is minimal for the customer but the outcome is big - a revolution for both the business users and the IT department.

Final advice from Ed: “Understand your business objectives. Drive choices from your requirements.” Prospects often consider vendors to be too aggressive and trying to close the deal whatever it takes. Of course, we are all doing business and this is the nature of the game. However, we have credibility and recognition that transformed us into being more than just a vendor - we are an industry expert worth listening to. We are exposed to hundreds of different demands in multiple vertical industries and we have accumulated a wealth of experience of what to do and not to do with data and cloud business analytics. Believe it or not, but we can provide advice and recommendations that make sense. We want to be the enablers of your success, every month, every year, and in the long run. Listen to us, we are quite the experts when it comes to Cloud, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Don't hesitate to share your challenges and requirements with us, as we can provide great consulting.