From Traditional to Digital: Marketing in the Cloud

The digital era has opened up enormous opportunities for marketing professionals, rather than making this career avenue obsolete. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who manage advertising, promotions, and marketing departments have a median earning potential of $115,750 a year. This figure is up from roughly $80,000 a year in August, 2011, according to This is no surprise, since a good marketing department is at the core of most successful businesses. If your company is thinking about deploying a digital marketing campaign, consider hiring talent with traditional marketing experience.   

Media Awareness

If you have worked as a traditional marketer, then you know what a valuable tool the morning paper is. Even with the higher use of the internet and smartphones to get the news, there are still millions of newspapers sold each day with 680,000 printed newspapers sold each day Monday-Friday by the New York Times alone. You might have scoured the business section to learn about the newest consumer trends. Newspapers and magazines are excellent ways to keep an eye on the pulse of marketing campaign successes and failures. If this wasn’t true, companies wouldn’t spend anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000 per full page ad in a magazine issue. In the digital marketing field, this awareness can be applied directly to digital publications, which most mainstream new sources have completely embraced. Instead of waiting for your periodical newspaper and magazine deliveries, digital marketing professionals can get inspired 24/7 with online publications and advertising. This is why internet ad spending has experienced a 5% gain over the last 2 years according to Advertising Age magazine, making it second only to television ad expenditure.

Advertising Mockups

Drafting advertisements with old school tactics used to require high levels of patience and large budgets. The analog mediums used before the rise of digital marketing came with huge price tags. Just think of the old print advertising and film development costs. Now marketers can use digital multimedia to throw together mockup ideas within seconds. For the cost of a computer and its programs (roughly $3,000) you can put together these mock ups. With a little photo and video-editing prowess, along with a green screen and a few seconds of digital footage, you can change the lighting in the room and teleport your actors to a medieval setting. The marketers of today get a chance to let their creativity shine, as they rely on the speed and convenience of digital media to create engaging campaigns.

Research Studies

Traditional marketers understand that their clients want to see results in the form of hard facts and metrics. Instead of flipping through dusty records at the library, you can use powerful search operator combinations to scour through hundreds of academic studies, open access journals, and business white papers to find the statistics you need. Are you trying to demonstrate measureable change for a client? Well, just take a look at their web metrics using something like Google Analytics to deliver a report about their current traffic and engagement rates. Digital marketing departments can then create charts to easily show their clients the areas that are succeeding and which ones need more work.

Client Relationships

All of the cold-calling and face-to-face persuasion tactics you've learned in traditional marketing fields can be immensely useful in digital marketing campaigns. This time, you'll get to connect with people via social media networks. Look at platforms like Facebook, which has 1.3 billion users worldwide, or Twitter which as 680 million active users, according to These platforms allow you to reach millions of prospective customers with a single click.

The search for talented employees who can meet your digital marketing needs might seem daunting. However, people with traditional marketing experience can make an excellent addition to your team. Their tenacity, people skills, and experience can propel your digital marketing efforts to new heights.