Focus USA : A few take-aways from the Google Partner Summit 2014 (sf) and from the GigaOm Structure:Data event (NYC) where we were sponsors

In March, we were also invited to the Google Partner Summit (GPS), in San Francisco. Given our surroundings in the marina of Fort Mason, the already enticing teasers from the management of Google appeared even better at the time of their official communication of March 25th. Among the most important and eagerly awaited was the fall in the price of Google BigQuery (- 85%!), given much more predictability in budgeting for client expenses.

The message of GPS was clear: showing the force of the network, its doubling in size (!) and the customer references acquired in 12 months. We were 700 this year against 400 participants in 2013. Bravo for Google’s enterprise penetration. It even appears that the massive investments in Cloud Platform have a key sponsor in the person of one of the founders of Google. Excellent news. All companies will be “software companies”, Marc Benioff said recently, and Google takes some more than ever measurement.

We were delighted to see the references and the French potential rewarded by Google on an international scale (we think of gPartner here).

Among our take-aways and short phrases that struck a chord, here are our selection:

“It’s not perfect, we have a long way to go, but we are changing the world, the future is in our hands.”

- by an inspiring Googler

“There is no rainbow here, it’s not easy to move to the cloud.”

In connection with Digital Marketing, content creation and online promotion: “it’s not the ink, it’s the think - any idiot can make the ink better”

- by Avinash Kaushik

“Tomorrow’s workforce is making its technology decisions today !”

The Cloud ecosystem, with reseller and technological partners, is in full construction but Google’s initiative in this respect is really great compared to other large suppliers. The emulation of the indirect network is the key, and Google sees this, confirming to each participant the momentum and the fact that there are still many places to go. We were proud to take part in it (and to have the logo of BIME on their slides as well!).

In Google Partner Summit, we were in our “Cloud/Enterprise” element, and for the GigaOm Structure-Data New York event the following week, we were REALLY in our “BI/BigData” element. The demonstrations of the relevance of the marriage of BIME (Cloud BI) and databases such as Google BigQuery made  waves. The conferences were centered on Hadoop but proprietary technologies were drew a lot of attention on the stands.

The contribution of the CEO and founder of FourSquare was interesting: he showed a video of the flows of information exchanged in real time in the New York area, and shed some light on their strategy of developing this BigData. Among their current analyses, there emerged proposals for follow-up services such as being told about restaurants that have opened or closed since your last visit (even over a year before), even on which floor of which huge hotel complex… in short, there is obviously a fine line between that and going too far in intruding in people\s private lives. These actors have the capacity to offer an incredible service to the consumer… but will it appear like an aggression?

We attended the competition of startups; it is always interesting to know the focus of the organizers, particularly when they are the analysts of GigaOm: it was a question of analytics, naturally, and especially of Marketing King. To be Hot, it is to be with this crossing. Many applicants, indeed but considering the importance taken by the marketing directors in 4 years, from the point of view of the data, the bigdata marketing and the digitalization of the company, nothing astonishing good. Congratulations Spinnakr!

And congratulations to Jerice and Etienne from our US team for their high energy and to be smart on the BIME booth.