Customer Testimonial: DaBrian Marketing use BIME to push analytics reports to senior management

DaBrian Marketing Group is an internet marketing company that specializes in search engine marketing and web analytics solutions. They are based in Reading, PA.


DaBrian Marketing Group needed a way to provide analytics reports and dashboards in a simplified format for senior managers. They had several different and disparate data sources and needed a way to integrate the data for deeper analysis.

In an extremely competitive environment with many new competitors, technologies and service offerings with client analytical needs always evolving, the company are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to display data & insights to stay ahead of the competition.

BIME provides a secure external customer report that is simple for the customers to use with actionable insights. Explains Daniel Laws, President/CEO:

“We had to identify a way to display our analytical findings for multiple business units within our clients' organization.  The personnel within these units had varying levels of technical expertise.  BIME's interactive dashboards provide easy-to-use visuals.  We are also able to embed these visuals with a secure login so only designated individuals can view them, satisfying security requirements.”

Web Analyst, Brandon Wensing, uses the dashboards on a regular basis to display analytical insights based upon marketing segments for DaBrian Marketing’s clients. They use BIME to inspect a range of KPIs based around acquisitions, engagement and ROI:

“It had to be affordable for the client, easy-to-use, and allow for embedding onto our own site with secure login functionality. We looked at other dashboard solutions, but not all of them offered cloud functionality.  The ability to work in the cloud is fantastic, and cuts down on the internal resources on our end for maintaining a database as well as verifying data quality.”


“Bime allows us to enhance our reporting capabilities as well as prepare dashboards based on other data the client provides outside of web analytics.  This helps us help them to get the buy-in they need from the higher-ups for additional initiatives. The customer & technical support has always responded to our problems and requests promptly.

Our clients are able to easily share weekly and monthly insights with their superiors to get the buy-in they need from managers for additional initiatives.”


Thank you ver
y much to Daniel Laws and DaBrian Marketing Group for this testimonial