Breaking the wall between online channels

                                                           The Data Foundation System of Internet Advantage

                                                           The Data Foundation System of Internet Advantage

During the past few years, companies started using more and more online marketing channels. In order to measure the performance of these channels, there are specialized tools that have gotten more efficient by the year. However, these different tools added brick after brick to the walls that are now causing a separation between the online marketing channels. As a result, we are dealing with companies that are separated into different silos working on their own targets, without thinking about the overarching company result.


In order to break down this wall, we need data-driven foundations, cloud BI and real-time dashboarding in which we can visualize and analyze company results. To achieve this, the connection between the different data sources needs to be rebuilt. This is a common vision that we share with our newest digital partner - Internet Advantage. Together, we believe in the next big thing in the online world: by analyzing patterns and trends within the data from ALL different channels in one place, we are able to determine their influence and impact.

You can check their blog for the latest trends in SEO, PPC or social media here.


When the team at Internet Advantage chose BIME as the best tool to conduct real-time data analysis for their clients, they had one thought in mind: dashboarding was the missing piece in the puzzle of connecting different data sources such as web analytics, CSV files and back-end information.

Since 2005, Internet Advantage has been a forward thinker in the fields of SEO, PPC, online advertising and social marketing.  With an international team of experts and clients ranging from travel agencies, retail companies and other major NGOs, they are on a quest to change the perspective of business users on the integrated analysis of online channels.

“The ROI of these integrated channels must be directly visible to our clients. Nowadays, if you ask a company manager a simple question such as ‘How is your company doing?’, you might get a complicated answer. Through BIME’s dashboards, we are enabling our clients on different levels of management and services to know and answer these questions in record time”, says Internet Advantage. You can check their blog for the latest trends in SEO, PPC or social media here.


Besides this, it can reach the level of in-depth analysis by combining data. What is the conversion rate when advertising a specific blue t-shirt for a retailer? What is the impact on the conversion rate and quantity of sold (season related) products during the sale period? With integrated back-end data it is also possible to make decisions based on stock, margin and seasons, instead of making decisions based on web analytics data only.


Internet Advantage has already started using BIME with their PPC campaign analysis and plans to extend its usage of cloud BI in the future.

”It will be more and more important for our clients to have all their data into one visualization instead of using different software programs and tools. There is much more possible when combining multiple sources. Visual dashboards with integrated data enable companies to see how each channel adds value to the overall company results. Dashboards with integrated data are the key to making better decisions.”